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Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC
Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC
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  • Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC
  • Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC
  • Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC
  • Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC

Luna Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC

The minimalistic design of Moshi's Luna keyboard offers a sleek profile during the day, while its true beauty shines once the night settles.


18.6" x 7.6" x1.1" (47.5 x 19.3 x 2.7 cm)


Mac, PC and Linux


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Product Features

  • Laser-etched illuminated keys with adjustable brightness levels.
  • Full size keyboard that supports both Mac OS X and Windows 7 / XP.
  • Optimized scissor-key mechanism ensures precise tactile responsiveness.
  • Ultra-low profile ergonomic design minimizes stress on your wrists while typing.

Product Description


The minimalistic design of Moshi's Luna keyboard offers a sleek profile during the day, while its true beauty shines once the night settles. Luna's backlit illuminated keys makes typing easier in all lighting conditions, perfect for touch typists and gamers alike. The crystal clear acrylic frame further accentuates Luna's elegance by offering a zero-gravity appearance in low ambient lighting. Luna provides an ergonomic 9-degree tilt angle to ensure that the wrists remain comfortably flat while typing, and each individual scissor key mechanism has been optimized for precise tactile responsiveness. Furthermore, Luna supports multimedia function keys under both Mac OS X and Windows, making it the most versatile keyboard for systems running dual operating systems.


Customer Reviews

  1. Sticky Keys Review by Riptide

    LOVE this keyboard! If you edit in the dark you'll need this keyboard. Only cons are that the keys tend to stick more (my e key especially) and that the keyboard lighting never sleeps (might be nice to have an option of turn off key light after x hours of new key push if Apple doesn't offer an API for this). Would love to see an inside screen shot of an opened keyboard. Maybe future versions could offer color changing. (Posted on 10/5/13)

  2. Hands down the best rubber-dome backlit keyboard for Mac. Review by milkmandan

    I wish this was a mechanical keyboard with Cherry Red MX switches, but maybe I am asking for too much. As rubber-dome keyboards for Mac go, this is one of the best keyboards out there. One, the look and feel of the keyboard is slick and very Apple-esque. Two, the backlights are fantastically laid out and just look downright sexy in the dark. The white light bleeds to the edges of the clear plastic and looks like something out of Tron. Three, it is a full sized keyboard, meaning all buttons are given proper size. One thing I hate, is how small the arrow keys are on official Apple keyboards. This Moshi Luna offers a full size numeric pad as well.

    Cons? Not every keyboard is perfect. Due to how shiny and reflective the black and clear plastic surface is, this keyboard is prone to finger prints and hand smudges. If you care how your keyboard looks, you might be finding your self wiping this keyboard down more often than not. As a plus, in the box, they provide a nice micro-fiber towel that covers the keys on your keyboard while you are away.

    There are a total of 5 light settings for the backlights on the keyboard. [f5] lowers the brightness setting while [f6] increases the brightness.
    1 - OFF
    2 - 25%
    3 - 50%
    4 - 75%
    5 - 100%
    Pressing [f6] over 5 times does not forcibly cycle through the brightnesses. Instead it just stays at 100% until [f5] is pressed, and vice versa.

    The keyboard requires a quick set-up when plugged into my Mac. The Mac kept detecting the keyboard with a Japanese layout, but just forcibly selecting US Keyboard was easy enough. I've been using it for a few days now and haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.

    I have the philosophy that user interface peripherals need to be comfortable and functional. Don't worry about the cost; buy the best you can possibly afford and make sure your typing experience is a good one.

    This review was typed with the Moshi Luna Backlit Keyboard and I am loving every keystroke. (Posted on 11/11/12)

  3. 3 out of 5 stars Review by tlodi

    I also had issues using the Luna with my MacBook Pro/Thunderbolt monitor. If in doubt, reboot and upon doing so my system recognized a new devise and I was prompted by OS X to engage some keyboard set-up steps that were simple enough and solved the problem.
    My keyboard was "new-in-the-box" and void of any set-up instructions, documentation or even a warranty registration card. Although a nice product, it isn't truly plug-n-play on a Mac. I solved my problem only by chance.
    Lastly, the back lighting should sleep when the computer does. I'm not able to find any control option to the contrary so for now, I have to toggle down the back lighting manually. As far a function, the Luna is as good as any premium keyboard out there, it terrific looking on the desktop and its backlit! Worth a hundred bucks even if the backlighting doesn't sleep. (Posted on 8/18/12)

  4. Love it Review by Hal2001

    Great keyboard. The angle is perfect. I love the responsiveness of the keyboard. Way better than the stock Apple keyboard. I just wish I could change the color. I'd prefer blue. 5 stars if I could change it, perhaps I'll hack the keyboard. (Posted on 8/16/12)

  5. Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini - Just get this keyboard! Review by Riptide360

    Why o why Apple doesn't sell a backlighted keyboard is beyond me. Thankfully Moshi fills this critical niche. Video editors HATE not being able to see the keys while working in the dark. I was using a USB plugged in light to see the keyboard but it was always in the way. My backlighted Saitek keyboard works great when in Windows mode, but sux as a Mac keyboard. Some users have reported Thunderbolt display issues - just use a USB cable directly to the Mac until Apple works out the kinks in Thunderbolt USB support. THANK YOU MOSHI! (Posted on 6/20/12)

  6. Beautiful... but Tricky Review by russraman

    I purchased my Moshi Luna from the Apple online store to go along with my new MacBook Pro 13" and Thunderbolt Display. I was particularly in consolidating the wires on my desk when I used my MacBook Pro with the Display, but when I plugged the Moshi Luna into the back of the Thunderbolt Display, it only stayed "on" intermittently. It would illuminate, and then while typing into an Excel spreadsheet or online at a web site, the Moshi would flicker and then go dark... making it impossible to enter any characters into the document or web page I was trying to complete. I contacted Apple about this, and after checking to make sure all of the USB ports on the back of the Thunderbolt were working properly (they were), I tried plugging the Moshi directly into my closed MacBook Pro. This seemed to solve the problem as the Luna stayed lit until I unplugged it and returned its USB plug to the back of the Thunderbolt. Curiously, the Moshi stayed lit for the balance of my phone call with Apple Tehnical Support, but shortly after I hung up the phone, the Moshi flickered and went dark. I visited the Moshi site to find out what else I could do, and the only thing I tried was setting the f3 key to access my Mission Control function. Since doing that a few minutes ago, the Moshi has stayed lit while plugged into the back of my Thunderbolt.

    If it weren't for this USB power glitch, I would have given the Moshi Luna five stars, as it is a beautiful looking unit with excellent "finger feel" when typing. I've only had the Moshi connected to my new MacBook Pro for two days, so I'll see how it works. If it continues to stay lit when connected to the Thunderbolt, I'll upgrade my initial three-star review to all five. (Posted on 5/27/12)

  7. Perfect Review by Alex

    For absolutely no good reason, there are so many hideous and uncomfortable keyboards that ARE backlit, and for yet another who-knows-why reason they're all backlit by every colour in the rainbow except simple damn white; and yet, all I've wanted in a keyboard is the simple, sleek MacBook Pro keyboard. Smooth, thin, black backlit by white, slightly concave keys, and adjustable backlight. Somehow, that was a lot to ask, but now that this keyboard's finally out, it delivers exactly f-cking that. If there are any gripes to be had, it's that it's only available in a Mac version (I'll admit, I would like a version with a Windows key), and its tilt really sould be adjustable as well, but those are the tiniest niggles possible. Just get it. (Posted on 4/5/12)

  8. Looks Great, works great. Review by T1mo3

    Very nice looking, I have had a lot of comments since I started using this keyboard.

    Makes a nice alternative to the Apple offering and works great. (Posted on 3/15/12)

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