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ClearGuard MB - MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector (US Layout)
ClearGuard MB - MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector (US Layout)
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  • The ClearGuard is only 1/5 the thickness of other keyboard protectors, making it among the thinnest available.
  • So thin it's like it's not even there.
  • The ClearGuard allows the MacBook backlit keys to shine right through.
  • Designed to fit completely within the bezel of the MacBook.
  • ClearGuard MB - MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector (US Layout)

ClearGuard MB - MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector (US Layout)

The thinnest and clearest MacBook keyboard protector on the market!

Protect your valuable MacBook against spills, dust, and other contaminants without any annoying keypad interference. Moshi's ClearGuard is made with an advanced high precision material that form fits to the MacBook keys. This allows for comfortable typing while providing maximum protection.


11.1" x 4.5" (28.1 x 11.4cm)


MacBook Pro 17", MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display, MacBook Pro 13",MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display , MacBook Air 13" ,MacBook 13" (2009)


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Product Features

  • High precision molding allows for unparalleled tactile response
  • Made with durable, non-toxic engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane
  • Completely washable and reusable
  • Measures 0.1mm thin (one-fifth the thickness of silicone protectors)
  • High transparency film allows backlit keys to shine through

Product Description


Eating at your desk again? Breakfast by the computer? Protect your Macbook against finger grease, mustard stains, and clumsy spills with the ultra-thin ClearGuard EU keyboard protector for 11-inch Macbook Air from Moshi. At one fifth the thickness of most keyboard protectors, ClearGuard is highly transparent and virtually invisible, allowing your backlit keys to shine through. Made with durable, engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane, the high-precision molding allows for a tactile response. Completely washable and reusable, ClearGuard provides maximum typing comfort and protection throughout the life of your Mac.

For use with keyboard layouts in the following countries / regions: United States, Australia, Canada(English), China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

ClearGuard MB - MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector (US Layout)


Cleaning Instructions:

1. Apply some mild detergent (i.e. dish washing detergent) on a damp cloth
2. Gently scrub ClearGuard back and forth with the cloth
3. Rinse ClearGuard thoroughly with water
4. Place ClearGuard on tissue paper and air dry naturally

*Note: - Excessive force during cleaning may induce wrinkles/creases
          - Do not use soap to clean ClearGuard

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Investment Review by TedD

    Many of us make the mistake of drinking beverage by our mac laptops which is not a good idea. This ultra thin skin fits the keyboard precisely and is easy to get used to. It is good protection for the insides of your laptop. (Posted on 12/28/13)

  2. Does not work in the dark Review by W.W.

    The cover is wrongly designed. One cannot see whether the caps lock is on or not. At night one see the keys. Both errors could have been easily avoided with a slightly different design.

    canncannot (Posted on 12/7/13)

  3. Good keyboard cover! Review by Bec

    I have a Macbook Air 13" and unfortunately Moshi does not have a ClearGuard for this model.

    Overall the cover is great it does what it should and it doesn't hinder typing too much. However, I'm sure it is a nicer fit on a MacBook Pro.

    It does the job and is certainly better than the other covers that I tried in stores that were so thick you had to remove them to type. Protects my keyboard, doesn't let anything get under the keys and isn't that noticeable.

    As with any keyboard cover it does seem to slightly muffle the sound on my MacBook Air. The volume is still good but there is a noticeable difference if I roll back the cover while listening to something with audio. (Posted on 8/26/13)

  4. Worth it! Review by Kayla

    Best cover I have used and believe me, I have used them all. It does not lose keys when you type and you really cannot notice it is there. However, cleaning tips: clean with washcloth. Put one drop of dish soap on one end and scrub the keys individually and wipe with luke warm water and then dry it. It only take one wash cloth! And then put it back on keyboard once dry to prevent wrinkles! Good as new! (Posted on 8/10/13)

  5. It's ok Review by Ali Gabriel

    When I got a Macbook Air (13") I purchased this cover because I want to protect my MBA. It fits perfectly with the laptop keyboard and work very well. Really, it does not allow you to type fast, but I could live with that. The main issue is it leaves grease marks on MBA screen that are difficult to remove. (Posted on 5/28/13)

  6. Crystal clear, pretty snug fit Review by Chad

    I've been using the ClearGuard on my 15" MBP Retina for about 2 weeks now. At first, it is a different feel, but I have gotten used to it and like how it feels now. The fit is pretty snug, but I think it could be just a tad snugger. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes when I hit the fn key with my left pinky finger, the ClearGuard will sort of pop up, and that is sorta annoying. All in all, I am very satisfied with this, as it keeps little bits of grime and dust out of my MBP and will keep the chicklet keys looking nice over time. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to add a little bit more protection to their investment. Just ordered the palm and trackpad guards a few minutes ago! (Posted on 1/31/13)

  7. Need a ClearGuard Specific to MBP Retina Review by Sangtao

    I used the ClearGuard on my 2010 MacBook Pro for the past 2 years and it fit and worked great. Just bought the MacBook Pro Retina and a new ClearGuard Keyboard Protector. Well, the keys must not be quite as high as the original MacBook Pro because the fit is not nearly as nice. The feel is a bit sloppy in comparison to my previous experience. A newly designed ClearGuard should be offered for specific use with the new MacBook Pro Retina. (Posted on 10/27/12)

  8. slighty frosty, but perfect fit for Macbook Air - 13" Review by monniewolf

    I just received this today, which is perfect because my brand new 13-inch Macbook Air also arrived today. I put the cover on right away and it was a perfect fit. Typing on it was very easy with no noticeable tacky or sticky feeling. The cover is slightly frosty and I noticed a little bit of powder or some substance on it, possibly from manufacturing. I have washed the cover according to directions (gently with some mild dish detergent) and am letting it dry. The powder is gone, but it is still slightly frosty due to the texture of the material.
    While you will be able to tell you have a cover on, you can clearly see each key and the backlight behind. Furthermore, it is certainly worth it to protect from spills.
    The only other issue is the the cover does not sit perfectly flat above the function keys. The cover's edge is slightly curled up, but I am hoping this will smooth down over time. It is not very much at all, and only really noticeable if you look close. (Posted on 8/18/12)

  9. Excellent Product! Review by Kyle

    The Clearguard MB is worth every penny! It does whats told and its very high quality, even the packaging seems very slick and impressive! Overall I love how it muffles my typing because I type VERY fast! SO in a college setting it would be great and you wouldn't be stared at for typing so loud lol. And also the fact it's rewashable and extremely thin is a big plus too. BTW the thinness doesn't matter, well to me (It's substantially durable!) Overall Moshi designed an excellent product and I recommend to anyone looking for series protection for their MacBooks. (Posted on 6/22/12)

  10. 2+ Years of Wear and Tear Review by Wear&Tear

    Wow, I've had this product for about 2+ years and I have NEVER typed without it. (Literally, I'm afraid to… I value my mack THAT much—first investment ever made) ahha. Seriously though, I've never typed without this moshi cleargaurd. I type about 12+ some days as I am a high school student who is serious about academics… and that means LOTS of typing and LOTS of research. Of course, as a teen, I do admit that my cleargaurd is a bit oily and dirty… okay, it's REALLY dirty! However, that does not at all impact the quality of this product. In fact, though mine is stained (tried everything to clean it) you can't see with black keys behind it, so who cares! Nevertheless, I think I'm going to buy this cleargaurd again. However, I wished I could buy the bundle pack of everything for the convenience… yet moshi's been out of stock of a bout a year? (Posted on 5/29/12)

  11. Great for Macbook Pro, Terrible for Air Review by Kim

    I've used this on a Macbook Pro (13"). The product was amazing; no complaints. When I got a Macbook Air (13") I purchased this cover again, and it was terrible. Also tried the cover that I had bought for the Pro, and the fit was still terrible. In addition to fitting terribly, it slows down your typing, and it leaves grease marks on your screen that are difficult to remove. Granted, it still protects your keys -- it just feels awful whilst doing so. I do not recommend this product for a Macbook Air (13" purchased in 2012), but highly recommend it for a Macbook Pro 13"). (Posted on 5/9/12)

  12. Excellent cover! Review by Jeepguy

    Just got this cover in today, and I love it. I keeps cat hair and crumbs out of my keyboard, so I'm not always constantly blowing out the cracks. It feels GREAT; very nice texture after the smooth worn tops of my keys. As a note, it will fall off if you tip your computer keyboard down. Not that you're likely to do that, but just so you know. I think the fit is fine, no problems with it popping up or wobbling around as I type, and a very good tactile response. Nicer than the original feel actually, plus it quiets the typing sound. Very true about it being thin. Made from urethane, not silicone, so it doesn't attract dust, hair, dirt, etc. Bottom line? If you're looking for great keyboard protection; get this. You'll be pleased at the very least. (Posted on 2/29/12)

  13. Great Product Review by JGALT60

    Have mine on my MBPro for a year and works very well with no loss of functionality. Most of the time I don't even know its on. No overheating, no issues. Take it off and my keyboard looks brand new. Only issue is it gets a little dull but I can put up with it to protect my keyboard and computer. Would definately buy again. Also have the palm and trackpad protector and they are equally great. Dynamite products and would definately buy again. (Posted on 2/28/12)

  14. AWESOME! Review by Jewels

    My boyfriend got me a silicone $.89 keyboard cover. I received the silicone one before my Moshi ClearGuard (CG) by a couple days so I had time to use it. Am I glad that things turned out the way it did? Yes. Because the silicone one sucks compared to the CG. It truly is the best MacBook Air 13” keyboard skin on the market at time of posting. Super sleek looking, can see the keys not the dizzying “double” prints, and MOST importantly…types like they were meant to be a pair. The $24.95 is worth the QUALITY thank goodness for people who still believe in quality (making it & receiving it). (Posted on 2/26/12)

  15. Great Keyboard Cover Review by Chris

    @lakshya: sorry but i find it unfair that you gave a 1 star review because you failed to look around and ended up buying the wrong product. your fault entirely.

    now for the review. ive had the clearguard for 3 years and recommended them to friends and family over the years. i did notice they changed the texture of the cover a little recently (friend recently bought one for her pro) but i actually like it better. i still use the same one i bought 3 years ago today, so theyre definitely durable.

    2 things of concern though: as mentioned before the cover does lift a little if you press keys on the corners, but its no big deal really. and secondly, my keyboard has accumulated permanent "dirty/brown" stains on frequently used keys. not really visible unless you put it on a white surface (or use it on the wireless or imac keyboards, which has white keys). cant wash it off. not sure if this is still true for the new texture models of the cover cause i dont have it. again, not a big deal since ive had this for 3 years and there is expected wear and tear. im sure ill be getting a new one sometime soon though! (Posted on 1/26/12)

  16. Very bad Review by Mike

    Today my sister gave it to me, I live in Spain and I tried it on my Macbook Pro 13 and it doesn't work with spanish keyboard. (Posted on 1/6/12)

  17. A Perfect Fit Review by JMillerApple

    This keyboard protector is perfect. Super thin, yet durable, and allows clear view of your keys and backlight under the keys. It also fits perfectly and doesn't extend beyond the groove of the keyboard area. (Posted on 12/3/11)

  18. clearguard's fit Review by lakshya

    it fits pathetic on my mackbook air 2nd generation the clearguard is not even when it comes to the surface.the keys dont have perfect fit and sometimes sticks to my finger.overall i am not at all satisfied with the quality. (Posted on 9/11/11)

  19. I like the feeling of the surface! Review by Tze On

    I got this keyboard protector for 2 weeks, and I like the feeling of the surface!
    As some other people said it is a little jiggly, but it still fits ver well.
    Nice product after all! (Posted on 8/27/11)

  20. Good Protector Review by Pongscript

    I just purchase this keyboard sheild last week, and place it on my brandnew macbook pro 13" 2011, and It was fit just right, though it was a little bit jiggly(about a tiny bit movement). It was too clear that My sister told me that I should buy a keyboard protector but when I show her that It already have a kb protector she was surprised, and really amazed how clear it is.
    I like the feel of it, unlike silicon, it doesn't have grip but have a friction(plastic keyboard feel) which is nice.
    though I have minor issue on it. I'm a touch typist, though my speed doesn't get affected but the edges annoys me a bit, because it have tendency to flip over a bit when I press the key that located on edge and corner of the keyboard. my hand does not press too hard or prolonged when I'm typing It just fly by. but for those who press hard on keys will be annoyed because of the flipping over on the edges. (Posted on 8/22/11)

  21. Couldn't ask for more Review by cdb0032

    I've only been using this product for a few weeks, but so far, the cons are not significant; what is significant is my peace of mind. Best product on the market. (Posted on 7/7/11)

  22. The Best. Review by HBellaNelson

    By far the best of its kind. It is so thin, I don't even notice it is there. I bought the entire Moshi protection kit and applied everything the first day I got my MBP. The kit is amazing. I had the kit on for around a year when I had to have my laptop replaced due to a hardware issue. When I took everything off of the computer, the Apple genius bar tech was amazed by the fact that my MBP literally looked brand new. I highly recommend the keyboard clearguard, the screen cover, and the palm guard/track pad cover. These products last forever and are so unobtrusive that people can't even tell they are there.

    The only complaint I have about the keyboard cover is that after a period of time, the gunk from your fingers becomes pretty visible and it looks a little dingy. The cover can be easily washed, but it doesn't look brand new again.

    Also, I wish Moshi sold this cover in different colors!! (Posted on 5/12/11)

  23. Great Keyboard Protector Review by macuser

    I bought this for my 15 inch unibody MacBook Pro. It was definitely worth the money. It takes a little while to get used to it but once you do it's fantastic. Now I can't type without it and my keyboard is impeccably clean. It is barely even noticeably on the keyboard, no one ever realizes it's there it. I'm even buying one for my Mom for Christmas for her MacBook. Highly recommended! (Posted on 12/2/10)

  24. World Best Keyboard Protector Review by Jason N

    Finally i got it in malaysia. It's a world 1st class product. Not like others , worth for money. I will continues support Moshi. (Posted on 10/29/10)

  25. Almost there, not quite Review by Jon

    It is a shame that the Macbook Pro keyboard wears out so quickly. It has been a mere three months since I bought my Apple and the keyboard already has that irreversible shine and slick to it.

    When I heard about Moshi, I was excited because there were such overwhelmingly positive reviews of it. I had to try it. My keyboard was deteriorating and the plastic was only $25.

    Now my experience with it: the Moshi is a pretty tight fit. I wish it was a little tighter, but it is still a good fit. The texture of the plastic is finely corrugated and feels of quality, but this sensation is greatly compromised when you actually press down a button because there is a noticeable air-gap between the plastic and the key. The Moshi can feel mushy if you are speed typist or have an aggressive attack. The plastic does not stick to the Macbook, which is both good and bad. On the plus, it makes for easy installation, removal and cleaning. On the minus, it allows the plastic to come off of the keys when you strike a key on the outside of your keyboard. It is especially bad with the arrow keys. You cannot function them without having the plastic's edge lift off.

    Overall, the product feels almost there, but not quite. For $25, Moshi's product should be better. I wish I had experience with other protectors, but because I don't, I will probably be using this one until it fades from too much washing. (Posted on 8/16/10)

  26. It really saved my MBP's life Review by Tarminator

    I bought the guard since I purchased my MBP and after using it for a while, i started to get annoyed and wanted to remove it. until one day i became very appreciated because my friend spilled half glass of soda on my MBP. the guard really did its job and my MBP was not damaged at all. (Posted on 7/27/10)

  27. Wow Review by Gerardo

    I dont even noticed the Clearguard when i'm on the computer. Its a very outstanding product a must buy for anyone that owns a Macbook. Its worth every penny trust me. This going to make your investment last longer for the time to come. I am a happy camper with this item :) (Posted on 6/25/10)

  28. Fits and Feels Great Review by Brian

    My first keyboard cover ever and it does not feel unnatural at all. It does tend to get hazy after some use but a simple wash and dish. Creates a sense of knowing your keys are covered and protected from dust and annoying little things that mess up your keyboard's look. (Posted on 5/20/10)

  29. Worth the price!! Review by LSR

    If you own a macbook laptop , u should buy one of these.

    It is really useful,barely feels u have it on the keyboard. Worth your money guys!.
    (Posted on 5/6/10)

  30. Simply Fantastic Review by H. Drory

    Fits great, feels great, does what it supposed to do. Worth every penny! (Posted on 4/13/10)

  31. Best Keyboard Cover Review by Sara

    - Feels great, I prefer the slight sponginess the cover gives vs. the bare keys
    - Nearly invisible (the backlit keyboard shines through perfectly)
    - A near perfect fit
    - Provides great protection against grease, grime, dust, and spills (although i have not tested the spills :p)

    - Gets cloudy as it gets dirty. Shows it is doing its job, I guess, but it does need to be washed with dish washing liquid and water every few weeks to keep it completely transparent. I made the mistake of washing it with soap and water the first time, which made the cloudiness worse. I later learned from their customer service that washing with hand soap indeed makes it worse and to use dish washing liquid instead, which worked perfectly.
    - Seems kinda pricey for a thin sheet of rubber, but worth every penny! Nothing else on the market except that silicone stuff, you get what you pay for I guess =) (Posted on 1/14/10)

  32. Way Better Than Silicone Protectors Review by K Peterson

    I have been using a silicone protector on my 15" Pro for about a year before I discovered Moshi, and am I glad I did! The ClearGuard is light and unobtrusive. Unlike the stiff and ill-fitting silicone protector, it is a pleasure typing with the ClearGuard. Highly Recommended!

    (Posted on 1/14/10)

  33. A Must-Have Review by Karen

    In addition to wanting to keep my new MacBook Pro spiffy, I live with four cats; not only do they shed but they track litter and whatever else sticks to their paws. A keyboard guard seemed a necessity (my Ti Book learned the hard way).
    I happened across the ClearGuard while browsing the Apple Store site for keyboard protection and based on good reviews, I bit the bullet and am very glad I did. It's VERY thin, doesn't impede typing, and is almost undetectable. The only thing I'd correct is the fit on the function keys which is very slightly less than perfect--it's a bit too big at the very top. It's a minor thing but given that the ClearGuard isn't cheap, it should be perfect. Other than that, I'm very pleased. It has already protected my beautiful backlit keyboard--not to mention what's underneath--from debris and I have no doubt it will continue to do its job.
    (Posted on 1/14/10)

  34. Best keyboard protector out there! Review by TJ

    As soon as I got the Clearguard I did a quick comparison with my existing silicone keyboard protector, the difference on tactile feedback is night and day, which is a huge plus. It is also much more transparent than my old silicone one. Wish I had bought this from day one. One minor drawback from switching to this protector is that its backside is not as sticky on the keyboard as the silicone one, but other than that, it's the best keyboard protector out there for the Macbook. (Posted on 1/13/10)

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